Cardio-Pulmonary Programs

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Programs

Our CHF and COPD Programs are designed to:

  • Provide High Quality Patient Care

  • Reduce Re-hospitalizations and Repeated Physician Visits

  • Educate Residents and Families to Manage Disease & Symptoms

  • Maintain Wellness to Live a More Independent Lifestyle

How can our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program reduce your re-admission?

  • Daily assessment and treatments utilizing clinical practice guidelines to monitor for early signs of exacerbation

  • Weekly pulmonary team rounds led by our facility Pulmonologist

  • Supplemental exercise program designed for your pulmonary and cardiac needs

  • Patient disease and medication education

  • Continuity of care coordination with a preferred home health care provider

Why you should choose us.

Behind you every step of the way

Apple Rehab’s Cardio-Pulmonary Programs successfully blend clinical oversight and care

with educational empowerment tools to treat and prepare patients to discharge home.

We maintain wellness through continuity of care protocols and educational tools

that equip our patients and families to recognize and report early signs of exacerbation.



This specialty is available at the following locations:

Hewitt: COPD, CHF

Shelton Lakes: CHF

Wolcott Hall: COPD

More Cadio-Pulmonary Programs Coming Soon!