How do I find the right Apple Rehab Center for my specific health care need? 

All of our Centers are equipped and prepared to handle most medical and post-surgical care, however some Centers offer specialty programs for diagnosis such as Congestive Heart Failure. For more information, see "Select Center by Specialty Program" or contact

Can my family visit me and if so what the visiting hours?

We welcome family and friends to visit with you during your stay and encourage their participation in your care ad recovery. While we do not have set visiting hours, we do askthat all visitors to the Center respect the privacy needs of other patients and family.

Can I access the internet during my stay?

Each of our 25 buildings offers free WIFI for your use.

When will I be evaluated by Therapy?

Generally, you will be seen within 24 hours of admission by licensed members of our rehab team.

How many days of therapy are provided?

You will receive up to 7 days per week, 2 times per day, based on the goals set by your individual doctor’s protocol as well as the therapist’s evaluation.

What should I bring and what equipment is provided?

You should bring comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers, and several days’ worth of comfortable clothing. You will be provided with assistive devices (walker, cane, wheelchair), however you may bring your own if preferred. Medications are provided by the facility, based on physician orders.