Apple Rehab CNA Class
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the application process?
In order to be accepted into the CNA course, interested applicants must first complete an employment application for a position at an Apple Rehab facility. Applications can be completed online or at an Apple Rehab location. Upon successful interview with facility staff, the applicant will be processed through pre-employment which includes a background check, physical, fingerprinting and reference checks. Upon successful completion of the pre-employment process, the applicant will be enrolled as an Apple Rehab CNA student.

How long does the application process take?
Apple Rehab strives to make the application process as fast and seamless as possible. However, certain aspects of pre-employment, specifically the fingerprinted process, can take some additional time. The Human Resources Coordinator at the Apple Rehab facility you are applying will keep you updated along the way!

When can I apply?
We accept applications year round, seven days a week. The five week course is held 5-6 times per year.

How long is the course?
The course takes place 3 days a week, 7am-3:20pm, for five weeks. Lecture and skills lab are held in Avon, CT. Five days of clinical rotation are held at an Apple Rehab Nursing facility determined by the enrollment of each class.

When will I receive my certification with the State of Connecticut?
After successful completion of our five week CNA course, students return to their facility of hire to start the orientation process and then work in their hired position. Students have 120 days to complete the state exam for certification. This is scheduled and completed through Prometric Apple Rehab will pay for the cost of the state exam.

Is there a contract to work with Apple Rehab after I am certified?
We believe strongly that it is important for our employees to WANT to work with us. Therefore, there is no obligation to stay if you are unsatisfied in your CNA position. It is important to note that we only hire employees as students for this class with the expectation of a long-term working partnership. It is our expectation that both the Apple Rehab location and student are making a verbal agreement to work together for at least one year.

For specific questions regarding the course curriculum, call (860) 470-7517 or email