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Testimonial by Lee Abrams:

March 21, 2018

Testimonial by Lee Abrams:

Since 2015, after suffering a major stroke, I have been in several physical rehabilitation facilities in San Diego and Connecticut.

Currently, I am an inpatient at Apple Rehab in West Haven, Connecticut. Their physical and occupational therapy department is second to none! All of the therapists strive to get their patients mobile, so that we may return to our natural habitat. They are all kind, compassionate and concerned about the patients well being. My kudos to all of them!

We have a new administrator. She  has an open door policy not only with patients, but also with employees. Whether a patient expresses complaints or accolades, she listens carefully and implements positive action.

The entire nursing staff is beyond excellent. Their expertise, care, kindness and compassion far exceeds any nursing staff with whom I have ever had been cared for. All of the registered nurses, LPN’s and CAN’s have my deepest thanks.

Lastly, I would be remiss in not mentioning the housekeeping and kitchen staff. The facility is always immaculate! While the food does not equate to a 5 star restaurant, the staff does a fine job in preparing foods that are pleasing to the palate!

I highly recommend this facility, if you require short term physical therapy. I am confident that you will return home in much better physical condition than when you arrived here.

Thanks to all.

-Lee Abrams



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