Long Term Living

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Long Term Living


     Recognizing the critical need for a more human based approach to long term care, Apple Rehab incorporates the philosophy of "Better Life” and has changed the language of long term care to Long Term Living, signifying our commitment to ensuring a full and enriching experience for residents who call Apple Rehab home. This philosophy is unique to Apple and operates on the premise that our residents are individuals and should be recognized as such.

     It is our mission to provide exceptional medical services as well as compassionate, personalized care. This means that we place equal emphasis on the social aspects of our program as we believe that it is the prevalence of human kindness and interaction that make our residents feel alive.  By coming to know the wants and desires of our residents, we strive to provide a home-like atmosphere designed to comfort and nurture.

    At Apple Rehab, our residents sit on community councils, take part in cooking clubs, gardening groups and music workshops, as well as enjoy visits from entertainers and local dignitaries. They facilitate and participate in intergenerational programming by sponsoring little league teams and hosting carnivals. Most importantly, they help us to identify the strengths in ourselves and in one another that help us work to continue to redefine standards of excellence in long term living care.

Long Term Living Services


  • Comfortable, home-like accomodations
  • 24-hour Skilled Nursing
  • PT/OT & Speech Therapy Services
  • Fine Dining
  • Recreation & Entertainment
  • Spiritual Support
  • Social Services






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