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Apple Rehab Middletown - "A Job Well Done" - Robert R. Schulte

"My welcome (to your Center) impressed me as just about everyone who worked with me who made it a point of stopping in to tell me their roles in my recovery and everyone had a positive attitude and a great big smile."

"Your recently remodeled facility was comfortable and clean. The meals offered variety and did not taste institutional. Real silverware, cloth napkins and good food, served hot, all made me feel as if I was a guest in a hotel as opposed to a rehabilitation center."

"Your food service staff was great. Little things were taken care of fast and I even had coffee brought to the room early each day because they knew I enjoyed the early morning hours watching the sun come up or listening to the birds. I loved one of the meals so much I asked the cook for the recipe. Two days later I had it in hand and look forward to trying it at home."

"I am impressed that you seem to have been able to assemble qualified professionals and support staff and make the whole operation work smoothly and present itself so well to clients. I offer you my congratulations on a job well done."



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