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All Star Therapy



AllStar Therapy is a unique rehabilitation company with a mission to be a leader in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology rehabilitation services. The company was founded by owner Lisa Wilson-Foley, a licensed physical therapist with a master’s degree in Public Health from Yale. To achieve our ambitions, AllStar Therapy emphasizes a five prong approach: Quality, Compliance, Expertise, Ethics and Vision.

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Because consistency is a critical component to care, Apple Rehab saw a need for an interim staffing company that provides well trained professionals to their Centers.  Trained to deliver the highest standards of care using Apple Rehab's policies and procedures, Healthport staff is well equipped to cover vacations, call outs or other openings, without compromising patient care. For more information about Healthport email us

Healthport Services Inc. - One more way Apple Rehab ensures  you and your loved ones receive the care you deserve.

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